“One-Sided Love Is In Fact One-Sided Infatuation In Disguise!”


Love, as we know, is an outbreak of deepest affection for someone in one’s heart. It is the most mysterious yet the most beautiful feeling in the world. The purest thing about love is if it is true, then another person would surely feel your love and bestow you with love-back reward. But, among us, there exist some ignorant fellows who easily fall in so-called love at the very first sight of the girl, which is sheer ridiculous and should not be understood as love at all. In obsessive infatuation, they get after the girl, and even after clear rejection, by the act of stubborn one-after-another proposals, make her life hell. So, why is it hard for some people to understand the big division between love and infatuation? How can a feeling be allegedly called “love”, when two people hardly know each other’s nature, mindset, liking, disliking, and so on? Love is the result of a deep understanding of the people involved.


Love is built up day by day with patience in a mutual contribution. It is said that if you truly desire something and your intention is pure, you would surely get it. Love is based on the same concept. If love is in the air, then it is damn sure that there are two people involved in it. If a guy feels for a girl, he should express it. But, if there comes a reply in negative, then he should be man enough to accept that those feelings are just an attraction and infatuation. He should never again try to trouble the girl. But, there are some irresistible maniacs in our society, who don’t have even the tiniest sense of understanding. Such ignorant fellows bother girls time and again by following her, calling her, stalking her, embarrassing her, texting her, and the worst of all: harassing her.


Even the clear rejection and constant pleading by girls don’t move those stubborn. Such people are real psychopaths, who need to get detailed mental treatment. love is divine. Love is pious. We should never let such ignorant psychopaths malign the image of love. Many girls in our society fear even from the name of love because of such maniacs. We can not even imagine the intensity of the mental trauma such girls go through. It is for the welfare and rescue of such suffered girls that we should CONDEMN the concept of “one-sided love” and acknowledge it as an infatuation indeed. Let’s make this world a good place to live-in for the girls by abolishing the concept of one-sided love. Understand the sanctity of love and respect girls!!.




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