Trump Pressed Official To Alter Poll Results

President Donald Trump pressured Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State to “find” enough votes to overturn Joe Biden’s win in the state’s presidential election, repeatedly citing unproven claims of fraud and raising the prospect of a “criminal offence” if officials did not change the vote count, according to a recording of the conversation.  The phone call with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on Saturday was the latest step in an unprecedented effort by a sitting President to press a state official to reverse the outcome of a free and fair election that he lost. The President, who has refused to accept his loss to Democratic President­ elect Biden, repeatedly argued that Mr. Raffensperger could change the certified results.


All I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have,” Mr. Trump said. “Because we won the state.” Georgia counted its votes three times before certifying Mr. Biden’s win by an 11,779 margin, Mr. Raffensperger noted. “President Trump, we’ve had several lawsuits, and we’ve had to respond in court to the lawsuits and the contentions,” he said on the call. We don’t agree that you have won.” Audio snippets of the conversation were first posted online by The Washington Post. The Associated Press obtained the full audio of Mr. Trump’s conversation with Georgia officials from a person on the call. The AP plans to post the full audio as it annotates a transcript with a fact check material. Mr. Trump’s renewed intervention and the persistent and unfounded claims of fraud come nearly two weeks before he leaves office and two days before twin runoff elections in Georgia that will determine political control of the U.S. Senate.


The President used the hour-long conversation to tick through a list of claims about the election in Georgia, including that hundreds of thousands of ballots mysteriously appeared in Fulton County, which includes Atlanta. Officials have said there is no evidence of that happening. The Georgia officials on the call are heard pushing back against the President’s assertions, telling him that he’s relying on debunked theories and, in one case, selectively edited video. “It was pretty obvious pretty early on that we’d debunked every one of those theories early on,” Mr. Raffensperger told ABC’s Good Morning America on Monday, “but President Trump continues to believe them.'' At another point, Mr. Trump appeared to threaten RaffEnsperger and Ryan Germany, the Secretary of State’s legal counsel, by suggesting both could be criminally liable if they failed to find that thousands of ballots in Fulton County had been illegally destroyed. There is no evidence to support Mr. Trump’s claim. “That’s a criminal offence,” said Mr. Trump. “And you can’t let that happen.” Others on the call included Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff, and attorneys assisting Mr. Trump, including Washington lawyer Cleta Mitchell. Democrats and a few Republicans condemned Mr. Trump’s actions.  Legal experts said Mr. Trump’s behaviour raised questions about possible election law violations.




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