Demi Lovatos Sultry Instagram Photos Receives Appreciation Posts Sending Fans into a Frenzy

Demi Lovato has always been known for promoting body positivity after she came forward with having issues revolving around body dysphoria which lead her into a very dark place full of mental distress and self harm. The former Disney Star inspired a lot of young girls to accept themselves as who they are creating a positive impact and influencing people to have a talk around the “societal expectations of a womans body”. The Solo hitmaker sent her fans into a frenzy after she posted a series of sultry photos on her Instagram. The 26 year old gracefully carried a two piece tube bikini and dropped jaws as she let her heavenly body glisten under the golden rays of the sun in Bora Bora.


She then posted one where she looks like a glorious Aphrodite coming out of the sea. Her latest post is a subtle take on sexy and allurement which brought a storm with a simple caption of “Hi” She wore minimal makeup and let her natural tresses fall gently on her shoulders. She captioned a photo of herself saying “im sweaty and may not look this glamorous right now but f*** i feel awesome and posting this feels empowering because i like this pic where i feel sexy and i can also defend myself from anyone that ever tries to attack me” referencing the jiu jitsu lessons she’s been taking Demi further wrote “Any size any shape any gender i have security and in moments im alone i feel confident” The Sorry Not Sorry singer has received many appreciation posts by fans on twitter It is so important that in this age where young girls are constantly surrounded by i influencers and models there representation and destruction of the societal construct of beauty

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