Tiger Kills A 5-Year-Old Girl At Brother's Birthday Near Srinagar


Srinagar: Five-year-old Mir Adda wanted "Barbie's dress", wore a crown also passionately required the family to cut her brother's birthday cake minutes before the leopard removed her from the grass of her house on the outskirts of town, a tragic case of human and animal conflict.

The Mir House in Om Pura, just outside the city limits in the central district of Budgam, has become a place of recognition as mourners' fill the place with expressions of sympathy for the Adda family, who used to call themselves "Adda Rani".

She then went upstairs and took out her favourite" Barbie dress "for the event and put on a princess crown before entering the garden to ask her grandfather to finish his tea as they had to cut a cake," said her uncle. Aijaj Ahmed.

A few minutes later, Adda's heartbreaking cry pierced the quiet evening of June 3. What followed was an idle exercise when her family members, joined by neighbours and forest officials, found only the bloodstains and dolls she was carrying.

The next day, Adda's body parts were found in the jungle, leaving a grieving family.

They called him a tearful farewell as he was laid to rest on Saturday, and people remember his smile and smirk. His relatives, who were unable to visit due to COVID-19 restrictions, took to Twitter to mourn his death.

"Adda rani, she was calling herself. Don't forget the sound of her laughter and running. What a pain!" wrote Facebook Sana Fazili, who lives in the same area.

Twitter, including other social media programs, were full of users who sympathized with Adda and another post, "Heaven must be a good place now as it has you, Adda ..."

The girl's parents are still shocked. This is the next play for their family as Adda's grandmother passed away earlier this year. But something that happened to her should not happen to anyone," said Ahmed. His father, Mddasir, was returning from Thailand last year following the Covid outbreak.

His school also conveyed words of condolence and got the message, "We are saddened by the suffering and loss of the youngest and stand with the family in grief and unity. We plead for the everlasting silence of the departed and the healing of those left behind sad and uncomfortable."

Wildlife surveillance was captured on camera, but no one had done anything, said Ahmed and other neighbours, who said the Forest Department dealt with the disaster. The Tempura area has a 20-hectare crèche nearby which the Department of Forestry maintains.

"The purpose of this plant was to plant seedlings that could later be planted in the forest. But they have not yet maintained the centre and have become a forest.
"After her death, they started pruning trees and removing trees that they should have been doing years ago. We see the death of a child as a result of the Department of Forestry's actions.

Kashmir Wildlife Service Manager Rashid Naqash expressed shock at the tragedy but said his department would not be blamed. He said the department was doing its job professionally after learning from the leopard's eyes.

We have asked them not to allow children outside their homes, especially in the morning and after dark," the official said.

He also attached do's not too higher ground and used temples to locate residents without making efforts to catch leopards. "We headed to catch an animal in the area two weeks ago."

Confirming that the department has been making every effort to ensure that there is no conflict between humans and animals, he said, "Our efforts can be measured by the fact that practice (human and animal conflict) has declined over the past few years. Years despite facing staff shortages."

He urged people to follow religious guidelines, saying the victim's house was near the crèche and there was no proper fence separating the two.

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