The FaZe Clan Contract Appears To Be Oppressive And Unlawful

FaZe Clan is an organisation for esports all stars. It represents pro athletes on various gaming franchise. Players brought onto FaZe Clan function as personalities in addition to athletes, and much of FaZe’s presence and impact in video games can be seen on YouTube vlogs, as well as high-level gameplay. And this exact faulty approach if FaZe has resulted in a legal dispute between the organisation and Turner Tenney. Turner “Tfue” Tenney is a prominently known esport athlete on the famous gaming platform Fortnite. He is considered to be more or less the God of the game.


He earned millions of prize money. He also remains to be the most watched streamer ever on Twitch. The 21-year-old, got himself into a contract with the FaZe Clan in 2018. However, he increasingly blew up and ultimately outgrew the organisation. Tenney is currently the most watched player in the entire planet. So it was obvious that he would garner more attention singlehandedly in the clan. But he was soon to realize that his contract with FaZe Clan was nothing but exploitative. The organisation only allowed around 20% of his earnings into his pocket.


They also allowed half the royalties and appearance money. Infact they never let the players engage in deal that they think could be competitive. Since they are not licensed by the California Labour Commission, they might think they have the right to move their players the way they want. Turners lawyers have called the organisation oppresive and exploitative. Theirs acts seem to be unlawful. The beef between the two seems to keep getting messier since, the owner of the FaZe Clan Ricky Banks issued statements. These both figures have been friends. Banks stated that on the grounds of thei personal relationship FaZe Clan would never demand 80% of his income. However, Turner and his lawyers say otherwise filing a lawsuit demanding a dissolve of the contact without repercussions.

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