Sugar Can Make You Age Faster!

Sugar is a part of your daily diet. Everyone loves those sweet treats especially kids. But you often miss checking the amount of sugar you are consuming throughout the day. Too much sugar in your diet is linked with several health hazards. It can lead to weight gain which is a common risk factor for several serious health conditions. Too much sugar is also linked with a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, skin conditions, depression, and fatty liver. Your dental health may also suffer from excess sugar consumption. Not just sweets, highly processed foods are generally high in sugar as well. Studies have also highlighted that sugar consumption is also linked with the fast ageing process.


It can make the signs visible on your skin much earlier. In this article, you will understand how sugar consumption is linked with the ageing process. Sugar consumption and the ageing process: Here's the link Ageing is a natural process but poor diet accelerates the process especially skin ageing. Advanced glycation end products are formed when sugar and protein react inside your body. It damages the collagen and elastin of the skin contributing to wrinkles and other signs of aging. According to a study published in the Journal Am J Public Health, Telomeres are the DNA-protein caps at the end of chromosomes that promote chromosomal stability and protect the genomic DNA from damage. Telomere length naturally shortens with each cell cycle but an unhealthy lifestyle including sugar consumption speeds up the process.




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