Stray Dog Brutally Beaten by the Guards in Mumbai

Dogs are said to be men's best friend. We can find them almost in every home. Most people are interested in higher breeds of dogs and some even love stress dogs also. No doubt they are the most humble and loyal animals. But the thing which happened in Mumbai in recent days is really shameful and gave us goosebumps. On the 24th of July, a stray dog is beaten by the guards of Turf view building who is currently battling for his life. Everyone is aware of the Mumbai rain this year. In this continuous rain, this stray dog went to wori based building to take shelter.


One of the men from the building asked the guard to beat this dog in such a manner that no other dogs can dare to come inside the building. Guards brutally beat that street dog with sticks. Everything got captured in CCTV cameras. The injured dog received serious multiple injuries including in the head and abdomen. According to activist Vijay maharani, founder of Bombay animal right group, it took more than 8 hours to lodge the FIR at wori police station. Moreover, the accused was summoned just after 20 min after completing their formalities. Now the question arises, how we humans became so cruel and selfish that we can't give small space to these mute animals.




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