How to Edit Videos on a Mac: An Easy Tutorial

How to Edit Videos on a Mac: An Easy Tutorial 

Editing is not as complex as it seems, but it can be a little intimidating for a beginner. Do you have a Mac or laptop and want to start editing videos armed with the basic knowledge and skills? Editing is a learning curve that starts from acquiring basic knowledge to gradually transforming videos into professional-grade content. Apple Macs are preferred systems for video editing for their fast processing. It helps create beautifully edited videos using the right tools and video editor.

MacBooks come with Apple’s in-house video editor , but it is compatible with many other video editors. Here is a guide or tutorial on editing videos on a Mac desktop or laptop.

Choose the Video Editor 

Many video editors are compatible with Mac systems or laptops. Instead of using the built-in editors with limited features, opt for a professional editor to start seamless video editing.There are many video editor tools in the market. The tool makes it convenient to launch and start the editing.

The  tools have features to enable the trimming of the video. Open the Photos apps, double click on the video you want to edit, choose a trim option, and adjust the yellow sliders to get a video of appropriate length.

Launch the Video Editor 

After installing the editor on the system, the next step is to use the in-built tools to adjust the clips and stitch them together into a video. Here are some of the common steps that can be followed in most video editors compatible with Mac.

  • Launch the video editor on the Mac system or laptop and create a new project.

  • Import the media by dragging and dropping the files from the system or simply uploading them. Arrange the clips to make it easy to compile and edit the video.

  • Add the media to the timeline according to the positioning of the clips.

  • The editors have a range of in-built tools to trim, crop, and resize each video clip. Every editor is different, and hence it is recommended to learn about various functions through tutorials.

  • After resizing and trimming the video, add transitions and effects to give the appropriate effect. It is easy to browse the transitions and effects by selecting the options. If the video editor works on the drag and drop interface, simply drag the transition or filter on the clip.

  • The tools allow customizing different things like colors, saturation, exposure, brightness, blending, masking, highlights, etc. The editing tools are mostly present on the left-hand side to make the necessary adjustments.

  • Add background music or a voice-over to the video to make it more impactful.

These are some of the basic editing tools you can use. However, for pro-level editing, you can use a ton of other features to enhance your video. Trimming, adjusting the colors or brightness, addition of transition, and filters are basic features to apply if you are just starting to edit a video.

Create a Folder to Export the Video 

After editing the video, make sure to export it to a folder to make it easily accessible later. Once the editing is complete, check for the final look through the review video option. Export the video and save it on the system. The video is even saved in the video editor’s memory, making it easy to access and make necessary edits. Some editors allow for direct upload across social media platforms.

Opting Mac System or MacBook for Video Editing

Most professional video editors use the MacBook or Mac system for its efficiency and speed. The video editing tool is heavy with a range of multitasking features. MacBook has a faster processing speed and allows seamless editing of heavy files and raw footage. For basic editing, a high-end Mac device is not necessary, but as you improve your editing skills, it is recommended to invest in a device that offers faster processing.

Here are some reasons to opt for MacBook for editing videos:

  • Fast Processor – The MacBook series has a fast processor, which helps in speed editing. The latest MacBook Pro 16” inch, for example, is armed with an 8-core Intel Core i9 processor that ensures a smooth flow of editing. The high core processor offers seamless management of the editing tool and hassle-free running of other programs by eliminating congestion.

  • Graphics – The AMD Radeon Pro graphic card is an amazing upgrade to edit raw video footage without disrupting the video quality. Even for beginners, simple edits can produce a significantly brilliant result using a high-end graphics card.

  • Excellent Storage – As a beginner, storing all the content in external storage is not easy. This makes the MacBook good in terms of storage as it has a high storage capacity to store huge amounts of video footage and make editing easy. This helps handle the workflow smoothly and systematically without slowing down the system. It has high storage memory and prevents the system from lagging.


Editing a video on a Mac is easy and simple, with an understanding of the basics and use of the right tools. There are many tutorials available for an editor providing step-by-step guidance on the editing process. With time and experience, it will become easier to transform basic videos into professional-grade video content through solid editing skills on the Mac.

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