Best Healthy New Veg Breakfast Recipes

Healthy and tasty food is everyone's favorite to live a healthy lifestyle or living. Food plays a vital role in our overall health and fitness. Breakfast is a very important meal of the day to start out the day with some healthy and tasty food. I here sharing the best healthy tasty and new breakfast food recipes that will keep you healthy with easy and quick recipes -


1. Masala savoury oats - This savory oat is prepared by oats with mixed vegetables, cottage cheese - optional and healthy herbs and spices. This oats recipe will boost your day and as oats contain lots of fiber that will keep you a whole day full and prevent you from unnecessary eating or snack.


2. Poha flattened rice recipe - Poha contains a complete nutrition pack that gives you some quantity of fiber, protein, carbohydrates, calcium, and iron. Flattened rice is good for breakfast and as an evening snack by soaking it and make with mixed veggies, peanuts, etc.


3. Upma savoury tangy semolina recipe - Upma is made with semolina, vegetables, peanuts, lemon, and spices. Upma is a healthy breakfast option and can be eaten in the evening as a healthy and tasty snack.


4. Paneer bhurji cottage cheese mix veg recipe - Cottage cheese has a very high protein and is a very good option for protein for vegetarians. Paneer bhurji is prepared with crumbled cottage cheese, mixed vegetables, spices. This healthy and tasty recipe is good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


5. Hungcurd mix veg cheese sandwich - This hung curd mix veg sandwich is a healthy breakfast option as well as tasty. This sandwich is prepared by mixing hung curd with veggies and spices. Spread it on the bread slice. Grate some cheese over the mixture. Toast it up and ready.


6. Oats chilla savoury tangy oats pancake - This recipe is healthy as well as very tasty. This is a very easy and quick healthy recipe. To prepare you to need, oats, vegetables, curd, and some spices. Mix it up and spread the mixture on the greased pan in a round shape and breakfast is ready.


7. Idli steamed rice lentil recipe - This recipe is prepared by soaking, grinding, and fermenting, and steaming rice, and black skinless lentil. It has a very good quantity of protein, carbs, calcium, fiber, and iron. Idli is a staple and famous south Indian dish and healthy for breakfast, lunch, and as an evening snack.


8. South Indian dosa rice lentil salty pancake - This recipe is also prepared by soaking, grinding, and fermenting rice and black skinless lentil, but the quantity differs both. This is prepared by making a round shape dosa on the pan. Dosa is a famous and staple south Indian dish and healthy for breakfast, lunch as an evening snack.


9. Usina steamed mix lentil recipe - This is a very healthy breakfast recipe prepared by soaking mix lentils of 2-3 varieties, ferment it for few hours and steam it. This is a high protein and fiber breakfast option.


10. Khaman dhokla steamed gram flour recipe - This steamed recipe requires gramflour, curd, and some spices. Simple, easy, quick, and rich in protein, good carbs, phosphorus, calcium, and fiber. A healthy and tasty breakfast food recipe and as an evening snack.




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