Profession and Occupations

You have seen persons of different professions and occupations. A lawyer by profession may have taken up an administrative or clerical occupation, and teachers may have become an air hostess and tourist guides. A profession is that for which a person is duly qualified and trained. It involves some branch of learning or science. Occupation is the work which a person is doing or for which he is employed for his livelihood. The government offers ample opportunities and spends a lot of money to give training and proper information to persons in various professions. After a certain period of time and training, they hold examinations or tests where the successful candidates are issued certificates, degrees, or diplomas.


Such professionals are better suited to sand are offered higher and responsible posts in various fields of work. Untrained or unskilled persons are called workers. Whether someone is a worker or a professional, he can show in his life that he believes that "Work is worship". In God's eyes, it is not what you do that matters so much as why and how you do it. For society, both professionals and non-professional are necessary and important. Every person who works for a living as a secretary, farmer, doctor, writer, plumber, gardener, teacher, clerk, librarian, scientist, or butcher can add divine meaning and purpose to his work if he regards it only as a means of earning a reasonable livelihood, but also as an opportunity to contribute to the well-being of others.


Those who were great and famous in their professions worked hard and prepared themselves for the opportunities that would come later. Abraham Lincoln used to say, "I shall study and prepare; and someday my chance will come." In India, for ages, trade or industry was handed down from father to son. In this tradition, no thought was. Given whether the job suited the boy. Besides heredity, the call of the community has also often been a deciding factor in the choice of occupation. In a fishing community, all learn to catch fish. No doubt the claims of the community should be given careful consideration, but if a young man shows special aptitude for other professions or occurs he should not be bound down to his community. Students in our country also need preparation and proper guidance in the knowledge of various professions and occupations. They should be helped to choose a proper profession or occupation according to their aptitudes, interests, needs of the community or society. Prayer so is important as er need God's grace to choose our future rightly.




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