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Xiaomi, a technology-based brand that is conquering the whole world because of its products and quality. One can say that it has the power to compete for other mobile brands like Apple and Samsung.  Xiaomi phones are basically based on a custom OS that is MIUI. It doesn’t have stock android in their phone but they offer a lot of customization. Throughout a year, they launch a lot of products that have their separate fanbase, and just like that Xiaomi launch the new MIUI Updates every year, in the month of September. But this time they have launched the MIUI 12 even earlier.



MIUI 10 & MIUI 11 had a lot of common features but now MIUI has totally different customized performance and changes. Recently, some weeks ago, Xiaomi had launched the Chinese Beta ROM of MIUI 12 for its testing and that was available in the Chinese market with lots of visual changes and mega feature updates. With a few tweaks, now Xiaomi has launched the global version of MIUI 12 that also includes our India. The global version of this MIUI update is gonna be identical to the Chinese Market variant consisting of the Super Wallpaper update. Xiaomi is planning to start releasing the update to its phone by the end of June and just like that in the batches, the updates will be hitting the devices.



The best part about Xiaomi is that it pushes the update for its each and every device. So, either be it the Redmi Note 5 Pro or the latest flagships like Redmi K20 series, every device is going to receive the update. The associated image is from the official page of MIUI’s twitter account, which shows the batches consisting of the name of devices and the time of receiving updates. Talking about MIUI 12, the custom OS is totally based on Android 10. It carries a lot of features from Android 10 and presents them in a better way. The animations gestures have been genuinely improved with the new physics engine, performance, and improved graphics. The setting section has received a couple of unique changes, especially the storage feature.



Talking about the privacy section, MIUI 12 has brought the best changes and now provides the more encrypting feature to make your data secured. In this MIUI update, the OS will automatically notify the owner or the user if the application receiving any sensitive responses from the microphone, camera, etc. The sad part is that the virtual privacy ID feature will not make it up to the global variant. MIUI 12 is going to introduce a new multitasking feature and now you can use an app’s floating window while using another application. One of the highlighted features is that the Super Wallpapers’ feature is going to make it to the global variant, including both the Mars and Earth wallpapers.



With just the essential apps, the Ultra Battery Saver Mode is going to bring minimalist home-screen. When the battery drops below 5% this feature gets turned on automatically. There is an update in the dark mode as well, which brings the dark mode to third-party applications as well. Well, there are some major updates like camera, notification panel, the battery logo, and etc. The camera brings out to be new and minimalistic in the view and use. The settings have been changed and some other features have been added as well. The notification panel and the toolbar have been just like IOS in nature but they are better in use and performance that MIUI 11.



Well, in India alone, there are more Xiaomi users, so China launches its different and customized update in India a bit late. So for the updates in India, perhaps it would take a bit amount of time but it will be worth waiting for.







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