Grumpy Cat is no more. Internet mourns her demise

The Grumpy Cat that took the internet by storm with her frowning face is no more. The official news of her demise was released on her official account on Twitter.

In a statement, the family said,

‘Her spirit shall continue to live on through the love of her fans everywhere.”

Who can ever forget that cute little frowning face which becomes a sensation overnight? Her iconic memes shall continue to amuse and entertain people in coming times. She breathed her last on Tuesday at the age of 7.


Her family posted a long post on twitter remembering her with the caption,” Some days are grumpier than others…”


The family also expressed their grief on part of her death. Despite treating her with the most professional team, Grumpy encountered complications in her urinary tract causing acute infections.


People from different corners of the world offer prayers and condolence to the departed soul. They also ask the family to remain calm and strong in their sufferings.


It was back in September 2012, when Tabatha’s brother named Bryan posted some of her frowning photos on Reddit. It was then she became an internet sensation that inspires most of the memes and various creative projects.


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