Are You a Good Friend?

It's important to find out what makes us worthy of other people's time and company.

A survey in the journal PLoS One led to the surprising finding that only 53 percent of our friendships are reciprocated! That is, more than half the time, your friendliness is not reciprocated. Here are some thoughts on why your friends may not be reciprocating your love and friendship.


1. Are you trustworthy?

To being with, if a friend shares personal information with you, would you tell ten other friends because you can't resist gossiping? Well, .that's not going to win you, friends.So the question to ask yourself is-- can you keep secrets? A good friend does not reveal secrets, come what may Nor can you blackmail your friends by threatening to leak their secrets if they disagree with you at any point.


2. Are you constantly judging others?

Are you critical of your friends/for their clothes, their choices their decisions? No, good friends don't do that either. It is always best to avoid giving unsolicited opinions and judgments unless aked for. It makes your friends comfortable to know they have your support even if you do not totally agree with them.


3. Are you a good listener?

What really helps strengthen friendship is this very simple habit which, even though it is simple, it is not practiced often enough. Why so?Because we all have the urge to speak more than the urge to listen. Most of us like the sound of our own voices. but hey, everybody may not be interested in hearing repeatedly about your boss, your dog, and your blood report. Give others a chance to speak, too. Remember what they say; We have one mouth but two ears.


4. Are you very possessive?

I know it I natural to be possessive of your friends, but monopolizing your friend's time or giving them no space to do anything without you is a recipe for disaster. I know of many friendships ruined between one friend who becomes extremely possessive of the other, throwing a temper tantrum every time the other meets or spends time with their other friends or acquaintances.


5. Do you take time out to help your friends?

at the other end of those who fail to turn up for important life events like weddings. However busy you may be, making time for events that matter to your friends should be a top priority.




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