Facing The Social Problem


Nature offers diverse living conditions and opportunities to man in different parts of the world. Some differences come from the environment such as social habits, customs, languages, religion and economy; there are also differences such as physical conditions and appearances which are due to heredity. Environment obviously contributes in great measure to a community's economic progress. Some countries have been able to surpass others by taking advantage of the many gifts nature has endowed them with. This has created inequality, and we have a world which is divided between the haves and have-nots,the rich and the poor.


The feyd and the struggle by the poor to assert themselves against the rich is a very old war; the rich have perhaps amassed large amounts of wealth and hard it as a power to exploit the poor ones. This is how the rich become richer and the poor become poorer,and the gap between the two widnes. This difference has led to suspicion,hatred and contempt of man for man,despite the several efforts made by sages,saints and just men to bring about social harmony. Apart from the many laws and legislations enacted by the government from time to time to tone down the existing disparities in our country,it is for us to act against the evils prevailing in our society. The task of bridging the gal belongs to the younger generation. If members of your generation can set norms and standards of high value,and work and live up to them,you could then built for yourselves an ideal state,where man could be free from the evils brought about by distinctions in caste, colour, race and economic considerations. To achieve these goals demands hard work, self-confidence, courage and self-denial. To be a spectator or to succumb to social inequalities or injustice would be unworthy of a citizen.


Hard work and self-confidence help a great deal in contributing to social upliftment. When approaching any new and difficult problem, most people may say "It cannot be done". But truly this problem can be tackled by at least making an attempt. If you don't try there is no hope at all. Those who have the initiative and courage to try will be the only ones to accomplish something. You too can be one of those if you keep trying. You too could contribute your share towards bridging the gap by spreading literacy, mutual cooperation and maintaining continuous contacts. This will narrow the evil gap of inequality. Ths vital task of modern society is not so much the eradication of unemployment, but rather its eradication in the way that does not detract from our dignity as free men with the right to exercise our basic human rights; for if the production of material wealth and comfort of our bodies are alone attended to,while the true aspirations, ideas and values of our human person are ignored or destroyed,our temporal happiness will never be assured and our eternal salvation will be gravely endangered.




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