Elon Musk’s Reaction On Becoming The Richest Person is ‘Strange’


If you recognize Elon Musk then this can be not progressing to surprise you however if you don’t then this is maybe one of the most effective examples to grasp however he behaves and regarding the motivations in his life. He is continuously in news, though on the 7th of Jan 2020, he was within the news as a result of he became the richest person on the earth. His response was as unpredictable as Elon Musk principally is. You’d expect anyone to acknowledge the actual fact that one has become the richest person in the world and to convey customers, investors, employees, countrymen, parents, better half (wives just in case of Elon Musk) and create a promise to stay going constant approach, to not let folks down and to still serve humanity, etc., however, Elon Musk didn’t eff.


Instead, he simply tweeted a pair of words “How strange” in response to a tweet from Tesla homeowners of geographic region breaking the news to him that he has become the richest person within the world at $190 Billion. And then he tweeted four words that explained the primary tweet and why he wasn't enraptured by the news the least bit. Elon Musk could be a compulsive World Health Organization who works for 14-16 hours every day and his real motivation is his work and not cash. He has a lot of wealth than he’ll most likely ever place to use and so cash has stopped exciting him.


He took larger risks than virtually every bourgeois within the business nowadays, he’s engineered firms within the fields that not several have even thought of venturing into which shows that he doesn’t extremely believe comparisons with others, and therefore the numero uno tag conjointly didn’t excite him. While it absolutely was thus ElonMusk-ish to mention “Well, back to work…” at intervals one minute of the previous tweet acknowledging that he’s become the World’s richest person, others found it to be extremely amusing. Netizens and memers enraptured fleetly to create the most effective use of this chance. Before you may validate the news, the memes started flooding the net. Now, this can presently be simply another incident that we are going to keep in mind once Elon Musk reacted with such spontaneousness and candor. 




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