Dowry System: A Social Stigma

The custom of giving dowry i.e. massive presentation as additionally money cash, at the time of the wedding of the bride may be a terribly ancient custom. Consistent with fundamentalists (supporters of previous values and also the Shastras), this gift is nothing however the maintenance or cash giving at a time for the long run maintenance of the bride in her Father-in-law’s house. However the reformers looked upon the gift as a social fine. thus in virtually each family the girl-child, even the opposite day, was relegated (lowered) to a secondary position. In a number of the stories of Rabindra Nath Sarat Chandra Like Dena-pawna and parinita the bride of the home is created to feel at each step that she has committed a criminal offense in being born as a woman. Fortunately, the perspective is undergoing a amendment. However gift or money is even currently, once the society has far-advanced, rules the wedding settlement.


Gift or money is currently demanded in a very completely different type. it's generally for furnishing the chamber of law-practicing in-law or the clinic of the medical practitioner in-law or to play for the outfit and expenses of his study for having handsome gift by exerting pressure on the guardians of the bride still remains. Within the lower stratum of the society, no matter could also be the faith of the bride, the demand of gift has not gone down even currently. Through sustained campaigns in literatures, stage and screen plays (like “balidan” by Girish Ghosh and Mukunda Das) and additionally through the columns of newspapers and periodicals, frontal attacks against gift system are happening. What's essential is that the unfold of education among the women UN agency ar the toughest hit and direct victims of his long-standing apply of dowry-taking.


Cases of much mal-treatment of daughters-in-law within the husband’s homes usually seem in news-papers. Suicides, bride-during or inhuman torture of the brides are grotesque (fearful) cases that ar being daily detected in law-courts. usually severe punishments ar inflected. However solely a number of of the events of bride-torture come back to light-weight and to law-courts. For many of them ar soft up for concern of slander and public calumny. It is a tremendous state of issue that such crimes ar being committed a lot of in respectable families wherever the concerned persons are extremely educated. The Govt. has created laws to discourage (prevent) and stop this crime. Social and missionary organizations try arduous to eradicate (to root out) the gift system. However net ground reality is that the apply continues virtually intense completely different pretexts (under cowl of a false plea). Eminent man like Iswar Chandra, Desh Bandhu inveighed (protested in loud voice) against the dowry system. In their days a number of young man come to the fore to marry while not taking one coin, to line an example to others. Community marriages while not gift usually surface.


But, oddly enough, girls themselves of the groom’s house raise demands of gift a lot of. the most effective cause to get rid of this social scourge (curse) is for the educated girls to prepare, to oppose and to agitate against this evil apply. Instances aren't wanting once some educated ladies declined to marry the qualified groom since there was a requirement of money or gift from the opposite facet. Today some grooms like career ladies i.e. ladies used right, to be the partners of their life. This can be additionally some quite gift. For the used ladies would be forced to antedate their earnings meant for his or her father-in –law’s family. Alternative used ladies ar forced to administer up their jobs after they ar married. Still, independent ladies have a more robust standing. So in each method social justice isn't being done to the brides. Solely by creating laws the system can't be abolished. Alternative stronger measures, for making the proper opinion for nubile ladies, ought to be undertaken to make sure the correct standing of brides and wives.




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