Sociological View of Crime

There is no proper or exact definition of crime. Criminologists try to define crime with their own perspective. According to some criminologists, criminals are born criminals and their gestures and posture are different from others. While some criticized such views. But when we delve into the sociological view of crime, it depends upon the Society. What is Crime today, may not be tomorrow. For instance - White-collar crime was not prevailing earlier but due to the corruption and greed nature of human beings. There was a need to enforce the law against white-collar crime. Another example is Medical negligence. This term wasn't even prevailing earlier because doctors were treated like a God. People were having blind faith in doctors, but with the passage of time, everything changed.


According to Roscoe Pound - Crime is a social phenomenon and criminal law protects various social interests. This has been believed because the change in society directly or indirectly led to an amendment in the law. Adultery (Section 497 of Indian Penal Code) was a crime but it was declared unconstitutional by the five-judge bench of the Supreme Court on September 27, 2018. Hence, social change doesn't depend on anyone's factor which determines crime. But it depends on various factors that affected human behaviors such as cultural change, regional change, economic change, and so on. According to the criminologists Russia - Crimes are basically the creation of criminal policy, adopted from time to time by those sections of the community who are powerful or astute enough to safeguard their own security and comfort bi causing sovereign power of the state to repress the conduct which they feel may endanger their position. He basically wanted to explain that law was framed as per the need and comfort of the ruling class.





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