Do not Consider Waste in the Kitchen, Use Natural Manure Made from Fruit, Vegetable Peel

It is our responsibility to keep the environment pure and clean. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also started the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in the country to spread awareness about cleanliness. Every day, some wet garbage comes out from our kitchen, like fruit and vegetable peels, tea leaves, leftover food, etc. We throw this garbage as a waste, but if it is not thrown properly then it is very harmful to the environment. When wet waste rot, it causes many types of viruses due to which the environment is not only contaminated but there is also the risk of many diseases. On the other hand, if the waste from the kitchen is used properly, with such waste you can make natural manure for your trees and plants and can also help in making the environment clean. In this article today, we will tell you how you can make manure from the peels and other garbage lying in the kitchen -


Make compost for plants from kitchen waste

Take a big earthen pot or bucket to make compost at home. If you have open space, you can also dig a small pit (compost pit) behind the house. First of all, put some soil in this pot or bucket. Now add wet kitchen waste like peels or pieces of fruits or vegetables, tea leaves used to make tea, leftover food, etc. After that add dry garbage like dry leaves, wood, straw, etc. Similarly, wet waste and dry waste one after the other are poured in layers. When the bucket is completely filled with layers of dry and wet waste, cover it with a plastic or wooden rack. From time to time, keep spraying water with hands to keep the moisture inside the compost pit. This process will start composting in a month. 


Make natural manure from kitchen waste

To make compost, take a big clay pot or flowerpot and put a newspaper in the lower part of it. Now put dry leaves in it and put wet kitchen waste like peels of fruits and vegetables, leftover food, wet tea leaves, etc. on the leaves. Now put the leaves on the waste again. If there are no dry leaves, then you can use wood or coconut powder. With this process, you can make natural compost for your plants from household waste.


Make good manure from kitchen waste and cow dung

To make a compost pit, dig a pit about three feet long and three feet wide and soften the soil by spraying water in it. Now put kitchen waste such as fruit-vegetable peels, leftover food, wet tea leaves, and other dry garbage like dry leaves, pieces of paper, etc. in this pit up to about 30 cm height. Now spread a layer of cow dung on top of it and sprinkle water again. After this, again, fill the pit completely by adding garbage, garbage, leaves, etc. When the pit is completely filled, close it thoroughly with soil and keep adding water from time to time. By this process, in three to four months, the house will be prepared from garbage and waste.





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