Darren Sammy’s Racist Allegation Moves Social Media | Black Lives Matter


In the current vibes of protests going around in the USA over racism after George Floyd's case, people have come over social media to express their incidents of being targeted as black and being discriminated against. Earlier Chris Gayle came up on social media to express his experience of being targeted as black and now Darren Sammy has taken a digital platform to express his times of being discriminated against or being targeted with racist remarks.


He expresses his anger of being called ‘Kalu’ while playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad and now demands an apology for the same. He took Instagram as a platform to express his anger. He said that recently he discovered the meaning of Kalu and after knowing it he was quite angry and disappointed. He said the word was allegedly used for him during his stint with SunRisers Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Then in a video, he shared on Instagram, he alleged that the racist slur was used by some of his own SRH teammates. With his expression of anger on social media, people have dug up earlier posts of his teammates where they addressed him as Kalu.


The social media users have now discovered an old post of Ishant Sharma from 2014 which he captioned as "Me, bhuvi, Kalu and gun sunrises" where he addressed Sammy as Kalu.


However, these incidents are not new, the racism has been there in the air since its existence. Not Abraham Lincoln’s efforts nor Nelson Mandela’s protests and jail terms moved people to respect each and every person and look for some better ways to live up to humanity. In this world, there is only one race in relation to human beings and that is the “human race”. There must not be any categories in that. The huge protests across the globe are a way to express their anger and frustration that has been lasting for the past so many years. And tragically, the concept of racism is not among small sections of society but in all sections of society which has not even led sports to remain untouched!





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