The Last Kingdom 4's Release Date and The Plot

Netflix's historical drama The Last Kingdom seems to be coming back for a 4th season. The series is based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories novel series. The shows renewal was announced by The Last Kingdom's Official page on Twitter. There have been various images and videos posted on the instagram account of the shows behind the scenes. According to these posts looks like the news season will take the fans back to the beginning.


The behind the scene teases posted by the shows official accounts insinuates that maybe the scenes are being shot at Bebbanburg. Where Uhtred, the shows hero, had been trying to go back to for a very long time. Bebbanburg was stolen by Uhtred’s scheming uncle at the beginning of the series and ever since Uhtred has been trying to win it back, rightfully so. But will he finally be able to win his place back? Will he finally be crowned as the ruler again? Will he finally avenge the betrayal his family had to face by his uncle? However, the fans have constantly been making theories ever since the official accounts started to tease the audience.


There have been various predictions regarding Uhters's faith. But the only way to know how this new season will end and if Uhter will get the vengeance he deseredd, is by watching the show. And since Game Of Thrones has reached its end, looks like The Last Kingdom will be the next most watched show. Possibly taking the throne that GOT sat on for so long. The release date for the series isnt out yet, nor is a trailer. But we wait desperately for them both. Until then the fans will indulge themselves in various headcanons .

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