Criticism-good or bad?

Yes it is tough to take criticism but beneath your observation, you should examine whether the criticism is positive or negative. Criticism is fruitful when the behaviour is changed in a positive way or it can be bad if it results in bad behaviour. Many people would say it is a good thing but other people would deny.

It is said that criticism is a form of communication. It gives you the oppurtunity to learn more because it gives you chance to improve yourself. It helps you in locating your faults and leads you to improvement. Beacuse of constructive criticism you are able to focus more on your work. More credibilty and honours would be given. 

No doubt there will be countless number of people who will criticise you in destructive way which will lead you to demotivation. Many people might misuse you by commenting with thoughtless mind. Destructive criticism leads to anger, stress or even aggression.

To deal with criticism one should know how to take out the positives from from it. Reamining calm is the key to perform better. Also one should decide what he or she shoukd learn from it. This will advantage you in the most profitable manner. It is not neccesary to follow up the criticism but yes if it takes you to the right path you should definitely go for it. 




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