An Unforgettable Experience

Carrying a traveller on a bicycle is associate degree offence punishable by law. everybody is aware of that however still a number of USA lie with. I had done it persistently|over and over} before till one thing happened to show ME ne'er to try and do it again. it absolutely was not the police. Rather it absolutely was associate degree lingering, and unsightly, experience. It happened one evening once my friend Segaran and that I needed to travel and visit another friend UN agency lived a ways away. I had a bicycle. Segaran didn't. So, as usual, he weekday side-saddle on the high bar of the bicycle whereas I pedalled. we have a tendency to had done it persistently before, therefore it shouldn't be any drawback. Near my friend's house, we have a tendency to got onto a gravel path created slippery by the recent rain.


Still, we have a tendency to managed to wobble on, completely enjoying the rough ride. As we have a tendency to gone by a stream, I created the error of going too close to the bank. The rain had softened the soil and it couldn't hold our combined weight. One moment we have a tendency to were going on jubilantly, successive we have a tendency to were tumbling head over heels into the stream because the bank gave means at a lower place in the USA. Splash! Splash! Splash! we have a tendency to plunged into the stream bicycle initial, followed by Segaran, then me. ordinarily, the stream is simply a number of centimetres deep with clear water. Once we fell in, it absolutely was a metre deep with foul black water.


The water prevented the USA from obtaining badly lac however we have a tendency to conjointly had to pay the value of gulping a number of it. It tasted atrocious. Segaran got the worst of it for being sandwiched between the bicycle and ME, however, it absolutely was not unfortunate. we have a tendency to had solely a number of cuts and bruises. Our pride was much more hurt. We retrieved ourselves and also the bicycle from the stream. we have a tendency to were each dirty and soaking wet. clearly, we have a tendency to were in no condition to go to anyone. therefore we have a tendency to set to travel home. We walked all the means home. I had to push the bicycle as a result of its front wheel was bent out of form. From that moment I vowed ne'er to hold anyone on a bicycle once more. nevermore do I would like to be dirty and wet with cuts and bruises everywhere my body. Once was enough.




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