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Coronil: The Corona Defeater?

The current pandemic situation has made its major impact on a global level and every country is being affected by Corona Disease. The disease has started spreading from China in the month of December 2019 and latterly it has started taking place in some other major countries. The situation had started becoming worse and that is where the government had to take the decision to put the country on emergency lockdown. Talking about India, the proposed lockdown is being followed here as well but recently Modi govt. had to propose the initiative of Unlock 1.0 in which several major companies and markets were allowed to open, based on the situation of that current place. Still, there are states like Delhi and Maharashtra, where lockdown is still working actively. Because of this lockdown and curfews, people are not getting permission to work and go on duties and due to all this pandemic, the financial crisis in India has started.


Every major country like the U.S.A. and the United Kingdom, India, and etc. have been working constantly to discover the cure of this spreading disease and it’s been more Than four to six months since we all have been trying our best using sciences and medical advancements.


Where everybody was disappointed and lost hopes to find the cure as soon as possible, Today, on 23rd of June 2020, at 12:00 pm, in India, one of the prominent Ayurvedic and Swadeshi company, Patanjali that produce herbal products using Ayurveda, has made an announcement that they have found the cure to defeat coronavirus. Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna, the founders of Patanjali industry, and the researcher team of Patanjali Research Institute (Haridwar) have been working constantly since corona has arrived in the country, using Herbal and Natural products to make this medicine that is named ‘Coronil.’


According to Baba Ramdev (In a press release), “We have made this medicine using Mulethi, Ashwagandha, Kaadha, Tulsi, and some other natural items using our Ayurveda. The kit of Coronil has three segments in its first two are the tablets and the third one is a drop. The kit would cost around 600 INR because I have made this medicine to help humanism and mankind and there is no business profit in it. We have tested this medicine on around 95 corona positive patients in which 69% of the positive ones were recovered in the first three days and the rest of the 100% recovered around within seven days. He states further that the death ratio is zero and we have strictly followed every scientific rule to make this medicine. It has the power to prevent and cure of Covid-19 disease.


The person, who will take this, will sure be recovered in 14 days and to assure that it reaches every corner in India, we soon are going to launch our mobile application in India on the upcoming week’s Monday. The application will be active in a week through which one will be able to order the medicine that would get delivered within three days. At first, the medicine will be available at the mega stores of Patanjali and then we will be processing it to other areas and shop corners. We do not have any plans to distribute it on a world level but we are also working on that because this medicine and the cure are for mankind's purpose not for any profit. On the one hand, where allopathy was disturbed and a huge amount of money was invested but still the cure couldn’t get developed, we in India, have done that using Ayurveda and Natural herbs. The best part about Ayurvedic is that they do not react as well.”


So, Baba Ramdev Ji has made this statement with surety that it will be worth using this medicine because Patanjali has done each and every kind of trial. Without trials, they would have never been here with this medicine and hard promises. Rest, please bear up and have patience, things will fall back to their own places, sooner. The hope is still here and I guess this time Patanjali won’t disappoint anyone else.






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