Biking Queens all set to make world tour on their bikes

Biking Queens of India, that is, Sarita Mehta, Jinal Shah and Rutal Patel are ready to make a new record and make India proud around the world. Reportedly, they will do expendition on their bikes around 25 known countries around the globe. They have been prepraing for the expendition for a complete year taking permissions and arranging for Visa.


The three women belong to Surat, a city in Gujrat. Dr. Mehta is the founder of the club. She is joined by Jinal Shah, a housewife and Rutal Patel who is a student. The tripling has determined to spread the message of  Nari Gaurav or Women Pride all around the world.


Even the United Nations has agreed and granted permission to the ladies. Biking Queens will start their journey from the holy city of Vanarnassi and move toward Nepal and China. They will then enter Europe  which will be the second continent to explore and then they'll move to Africa. On their way, they'll cover not less than 25 countries and end their journey in London.


The expendition will start on 5th of June, 2019. We wish them a happy and safe journey and thank them to make India proud at such a global level.



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