A Classless Society


Whichever country one goes to there square measure category divisions. These categories square measure supported several factors, like faith, wealth, caste and color. Even habits have created categories. In sure countries they speak of the Northerner and American. Even within the major religions of the globe we discover category distinctions. Among the Christians as an example, there square measure the Catholics and therefore the Protestants; and there once more they arc divided into variety of denominations. There also are divisions among the Muslims and Hindus. Wealth naturally, divides man into 2 categories particularly, the 'haves' hymenopter the have-nots'. In sure religions, notably among the Hindus, the class structure is extremely rigid. There's colourbar even in a sophisticated country like U.S.A. therefore we discover the society, perforce has been divided into variety of categories.


To have a egalitarian society could be a electronic equipment plan. Due to the Communist philosophy the concept. of a egalitarian society is being talked of, and in some cases, even puzzled out. to know what it's a couple of words regarding the Communists Society won't be out of place. There they deny the existence of any faith. For them the State is that the faith and therefore the final authority. Production and distribution square measure fully controlled by the govt. however, in fact, by the party. They see to that that no different party raises its head. All would likes the folks square measure taken care of by the govt and then there's no need for sophistication. But ideals apart, in follow, it's rather the party than the govt. that controls everything. Party bosses square measure like demi-gods. once they deny to just accept any faith, communism has become their faith, the Communist Manifesto their bible and Vladimir Ilich Lenin, their Saviour. The party men management everything and extremely technical folks square measure within the sensible books of the party.


The peasant continues to be poor in spite of such a lot information. Therefore within the communist country, the party is that the stone with its own high monks and folks as serfs. So one will conclude that a egalitarian society is not possible within the close to future. Man along with his distinction in talent, intelligence, potency and health square measure guaranteed to be divided by category. In a egalitarian society there ought to be an endeavor to get rid of all categories. categories shouldn't exist. Society should be conducted in such the way that the evils of categories square measure liquidated. Privileges ought to be enjoyed by everybody. Society should aim at social justice wherever all can relish the equality of chance and can be equal before law. By sagely handling taxation laws the buildup of wealth by sure people is avoided. Therefore the evils of categories is overcome. It is clear a egalitarian society is merely associate Utopian dream which may ne'er be achieved.




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