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Big floods happen in eastern China. The flood happens on the Yangtze River. The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia. It is the third-longest river in the world. The large flood-hit eastern Chinese and officials said that it was the largest flood in the country in decades. After weeks of intense flooding, nearly 300000 people have been evacuated along the Yangtze River in the Eastern river.


The downpour damaged homes and infrastructure and it left many people without food and shelter. More than 5000 people have been forced to evacuate as the massive floods moved to the east. In Poyang country, over two feet of rain has fallen, and the Chinese fire department said that 54 boats were deployed to rescue almost 2000 trapped people. The flood destroys many towns and villages. Many people lose their homes. People have nothing to eat. The flood destroys houses. Officials must use boats. They rescue people who are trapped. The flooding inundated 13 villages and cut off electricity to the whole region, it said.


In some parts of the country, people already clean the streets and homes after the flood. In the Shexian country, people have been started to come back to their daily life. According to the local media, this has been the largest flood that the area has recorded in decades.





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