Sachin Pilot Along With 18 Other MLAs filed Writ Petition Against Disqualification Notice

Anti-defection law was inserted to maintain integrity and to minimize the political crisis. This law provides absolute power to the speaker under the tenth schedule of the Constitution of India to disqualify members of parliament if they go against the government. The country has faced a political crisis in Manipur, Karnataka, Uttarakhand, and recently in Rajasthan. In Rajasthan, Speaker Pilot, and other 18 MLAs. But they challenged the notice for disqualification. The petition was filed in Rajasthan High Court before a division bench. Disqualification notice was issued with the reason that Sachin pilot along with 18 other MLAs violated the direction of Dr. Mahesh Jpshi to attend the meeting on Monday and Tuesday.


The speaker also gave them time to show the reason for not disqualifying them under anti-defection law till Friday. So, they filed the writ petition that they have not expressed any intention to resign from the membership of the Indian National Congress. They said that the speaker won't serve justice as he is acting under the pressure from CM Ashok Gehlot as it is clearly expressed that notice is based on "mala fide intention". They seek the intervention of the High Court to quash the notice as the speaker is abusing its power under the Tenth Schedule.





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