Robots may override 20 million jobs by 2030

The automated robots are on the track to wipe out almost 10 percent of world's manufacturing job done by labour in the world, till 2030 manufacturing jobs could be cutting down 20 million positions resulting the sector 8.5 percent smaller.According to the report it shows that how labour market is throwing up new challenges as compared to the work done by robots and therfore many countries like more than half U.S factories replayed labour by robots over past two decades for doing manufacturing work,Oregon is the U.S state which is most likely affected,while the worst-hit region in U.K is in Cumbria region.



While automation should boost the economy and bring the industries in profit as a whole,it is likely to create greater inquality as the millions of job will be cleared from the hands of labours.Till now the proportion of job at risk was been done by robots so that it will not cause any human labour harm but now the normal job of manufacturing will also be displaced by them.


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