Bidre Case Lawyer Desked to Prove Attendance in Court

In a new twist in the Ashwini Bidre murder trial, the Navi Mumbai Police have sent a letter to Public Prosecutor Pradeep Gharat asking him to prove his attendance at each hearing in court. Mr. Gharat said the police have asked him to furnish the details of his attendance even as half of his bill is still awaiting clearance.  “The Navi Mumbai Police have asked me to prove my attendance in court. It is the duty of the police to keep tabs on the case by sending their representatives on the date of hearing to court. To know about my attendance, they should be checking the roznama of the court. I am a senior counsel and if the police department intends to insult me by asking such questions instead of clearing my bills, I will drop the case,” Mr. Gharat said. The Public Prosecutor said he is paid for each appearance and not according to what transpires in court Responding to the Navi Mumbai Police’s letter, Mr. Gharat wrote, “I am shocked to read your request to me since you are thumping your responsibility of providing records on my head. Please note that since 2003, the procedure followed by the police officers concerned and the competent paying authority is that I send my bill to the investigating officer, who obtains my attendance certificate from the Registrar of the sessions court concerned. Thereafter, the bill is tendered to the treasury and the payment is released by it. I presume that for releasing my first set of bills, the same procedure has been followed by you.”  Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner Bipin Kumar Singh said, “I will have to verify what the letter is about, but I am sure it would be a procedure that is followed. None of the bills of Mr. Gharat is pending with us. All bills have been forwarded to the government.”  Meanwhile, Raju Gore, the husband of Bidre, claimed this is just another way to create hurdles in the completion of the trial. Mr. Gore has always maintained that the Navi Mumbai Police have been trying to help the accused right from the start.  Mr. Gore said, “On Friday, three witnesses were produced in court. However, since the investigating officer, ACP Vinod Chavan, was not present, the witnesses could not be examined. Mr. Gharat will drop the case if his bills are not cleared and then the case will suffer, helping the accused who is also a Navi Mumbai Police.” 


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