Diseases Caused by MobilePhones


Mobile has become the most important need for people nowadays. It provides many facilities, while smartphones are also doing work to destroy the health of people. People do not stop chasing mobiles while eating, sleeping, getting up. Big and distant children are now getting caught in the very bad addiction of running smartphones, which is spoiling their health. Its excessive use gives rise to many physical and mental illnesses. Some researchers can also use smartphones to cause dangerous diseases like cancer.


Dangerous diseases caused by mobile phones-

Eyes weak: The light emanating from the mobile also affects the light of the eyes. Eyes become dry for a long time without blinking an eyelid. Due to this, problems like burning, blurring, etc. arise.


Hearing impairment: Some people nowadays put earphones in the ears for several hours continuously. Whose loud voice severely affects the ability to hear. This makes it difficult to hear common sounds without earphones. Due to this, the ear vein starts to weaken, due to which it becomes loud.


Computer vision syndrome: A survey by the Vision Council of America found that 70 percent of people twinkle while looking at a mobile screen. This symptom may later result in computer vision syndrome. In which the victim has problems of drying eyes and appearing blurred.


Effect on spine: According to the United Chiropractic Association, the shoulders and neck are bent when using the phone continuously. The spine is affected due to the neck being bent.


Effects on the lungs: By bending the neck, the body breathes full or deep. It directly affects the lungs.


Text neck: Complaints of neck pain have become common for people who monitor mobile screens. It is named 'Text Neck'. This problem is more prevalent in those who send text messages and those who are browsing the web.


Kidney failure: 75 percent of people take their cell phones to the bathroom, increasing the likelihood of e-coli bacteria being detected on every 1 in 6 phones. There is a possibility of diarrhea and kidney failure due to these bacteria.


Mobile snatches sleep: For two hours, melatonin is reduced by 22% due to continuous mobile light on the face. This makes it difficult to sleep. That is, there may be a problem of not sleeping due to watching mobile for too long. In the survey, 12 per person said that the overuse of smartphones had a direct impact on their personal relationships.


Smartphone losing confidence: In the survey, per 41 people admitted that to avoid being fooled in front of someone, they gimmick about getting entangled in a mobile. Doing so reduces their confidence.


Tumor risk: Cancer is the largest of the things produced by mobile phone radiation. If you keep your mobile phone in your pocket or body for the whole day, then the chances of getting a tumor in place of relative increases, and you can easily become cancer.


Negative effect on the brain as well: If you have a habit of sleeping by keeping a mobile phone near the body or near the chest at night, it can be very dangerous not only for you. Apart from this, the effect of its radiation also negatively affects your brain. Effect of electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones: It is used in most men that they had their own mobile phones near their belts. Having a mobile phone like this throughout the day is very harmful to you. Mobile phone electromagnetics also has an effect on your bones, and the nerve fluid in them can be eradicated.


Sperm deficiency: In men, keeping mobile phones near the waist can be very dangerous. In fact, the negative effects of mobile radiation can also be seen as sperm reduction.


Tumor in the brain: According to research by the World Health Organization, excessive use of mobile phones is responsible for brain cancer. Due to its radiation effects, a tumor may occur in the brain.


Mental illness: Electromagnetics emanating from mobile phones can cause all of your DNA. Apart from this, its acquisition has also made you a mental patient.


Depression: One of the main causes of stress and depression is the dangerous effects of radiation emanating from mobile phones. It narrows your brain cells, due to which the right amount of oxygen does not reach the brain.


Negative effects on the baby's mind: Excessive use of mobile phones by pregnant women can affect the fetus. This can have a negative impact on the infant's brain, which affects his / her development. Heart disease: Harmful radiation of mobile phones not only gives rise to diseases like cancer but also increases the chances of diabetes and heart disease manifold.


Here's how to protect: Keep away from the body: Try to reduce the contact of the mobile phone with the body. Never keep the phone in a shirt or T-shirt pocket. However, it is also not right to keep the phone in a paint pocket. It is better if kept in a bag.


Use the landline more: If you work in an office, keep mobile at your desk and use the landline to talk. If there is a landline phone at home too, use it more. Switch off when not in use: Using this method is not entirely a matter of everyone's busy, but it should be done as much as possible. You can switch off your mobile at night while sleeping.


Talk on the speaker: It is better to use a hands-free speaker or earphone for conversation. After the talk is complete, remove the earphone from the ear. If you do not want to use a hands-free speaker, then talk by keeping the phone at a distance of about 1-2 centimeters from the ear.




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