India win against pakistan 7-0|World Cup 2019

One of the biggest rivalry in the modern sports India vs Pakistan which happens once in the four years during the ICC tournaments only. people wait for this match eagerly and India has been dominant and has the lead of 7-0 in the head to head. yesterday also the match saw many records been made. Virat Kohli became the fastest player to reach 11k runs surpassing The great Sachin Tendulkar. 


Rohit Sharma also hit 140 runs against Pakistan which helped the team to reach the score of 300 plus. Pakistan could get Rohit Sharma out in the early stage but that could not happen and that made them regret their mistake in the later game. 


Malik was gone and stared 8,0,0 his runs so far. it won't be a surprise if he is benched after this. the good news for Pakistan is that it is still 1992 in some ways. one win, one washed out, three losses. 5 games played. as they were after five games in 1992. but this time no Imran & co. 


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