Want to detect heart attacks,this AI tool may help you


Scientist have developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) which uses Machine Learning(ML), based system that can predict heart attack or any other heart related events better than  as compared to other models. Popular existing model like Framingham Risk Score has many limitaions as they do not consider the condition of coronary arteries directly. Coronary Computed Tomography Arteriography (CCTA), that gives highly detailed images of the heart vessels, is a promising tool for refining risk assessment, said the reaseach according to study published.


Earlier Coronary Artery Disease Reporting and Data System (CAD-RADS) was very important and useful in case of the cardiac patients, it emphasise on stenoses or blockages and narrowing in the coronary arteries,but may leave out important information about the arteries.CCTA shows more than just stenoses it also provides more detailed.


The Ml algorithm used in AI  based system is able to pull out patterns in the data and predict that patients with certain patterns are more likely to have an adverse event like a heart attack than patients with other patterns.When the research team compared the ML approach with CAD-RADS and other vessel scoring systems in nearly 7,000 patients. They followed the patients for an average of ten years after CCTA.It was found that compared to CAD-RADS and other scores, the ML approach better differentiated which patients would have a cardiac event from those who would not.So this Ml tool will helped many people to properly get their results instead of facing any limitations.

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