Stressed or not? Detect it simply at home!

In the heap of some chronic diseases, stress tops the lot. Stress is said to be the silent killer because it doesn’t show up symptoms for its levels of dangers but slowly and steadily eats down the inner health like a termite does to the wood. It has mysterious and serious effects from heart to mental health. Stress can weaken your heart as well as can make you chronically mentally sick. The busy competitive life has offered a lot stress to people. People have rush office hours, no family time and most importantly no self introspection. This leads to the causes of stress. However, people have varied issues and reasons for having stress but one device can easily calculate your stress levels and make you aware about your health.


Researchers have developed a device that uses ultraviolet light to measure stress hormones in a drop of blood, sweat, urine or saliva. These stress markers are found in all of these liquids, however there quantities are different. The lead researcher Andrew Steckl said in the study published in the journal of ACS Sensors that this device is an easy and simple way to check on the stress levels. This might not give you exact numbers but will definitely tell you that whether you need a professional or not. One more benefit of this, it can be applied to different bodily liquids which is its unique quality.


Andrew Steckl came up with this idea while looking over his father’s health. His father was not doing well in health and he had to take him far away for the checkups. This was the time when he thought there is a need of a device which can do the checkup from home only. This would help the patient take the primary test at home so that s/he knows the problem. This would also avoid traveling of the patient when s/he is not well or not in condition to travel long.


Steckl says that the intent is not to make this device a substitute or a replacement of professional labs. The professionals and such labs provide the accurate numbers but such device can help to take pre-test so that one may analyze what’s the issue and can take measures for it until it’s too late.

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