Intranet and Extranet

INTRANET Intranet is a private network that works within an organization or a company and makes internal communication possible. The advantage of this is that all the employees working in an organization is connected to each other on a common platform other than the social media where they can discuss the important issues and the difficulties faced by the customer relationship management team and the project manager may be resolved. Information and services are provided to the employees here that are unavailable to the public and are subjected to remain private as long as the intranet remains intranet. If made accessible to public, intranet becomes extranet which we shall discuss later on in the article.


One of the many purposes of the intranet is to make collaborations among the employees easy which in turn will make their workload light. Usage of the intranet can reduce the number of meetings needed to be held to complete a project. Minor tasks like individual and group work progress, minor queries and requests and confirmations can be done here without going through the formality of office meetings where you need to be physically present. This way a lot of time and energy of the employees as well as the organization is saved from being wasted. Speaking of making the workload of the employees’ lighter, intranet also provides personalized content to the users according to the role they play in the organization or a specific single project. A Content Management System is needed to publish and manage the content on the intranet. Intranet requires a webserver to function.


This web server manages requests and delivers the files to the computers. It also requires protocols like Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Internet Protocol (IP) and HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) among others. Networks like local area networks (LANs) and wide-area networks (WANs) also become part of the functioning of the intranet. In large businesses, users are allowed to use public internet through Firewall servers and it is an integral part of the system since this software works as a wall between the intranet and public internet ensuring the security and privacy of the organization remain intact.


EXTRANET Extranet is the private network in which selected internal information about the organization is made accessible to the clients, vendors, and suppliers. Here, they can communicate with the organization and the employees they work with. Taking a step further from Intranet, Extranet allows information and data sharing and collaboration between two organizations. It comes in handy for those the organizations that need to communicate with their clients on a regular basis for ease and transparency in their work. A communication line is established between them which is accessible to clients all the time and as a result, customer satisfaction is achieved.

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