If your Phone Hangs then Delete these Folders from the Phone


In today's times, most people are disturbed by the problem of phone hangs or being slow. If you are also suffering from this kind of trouble in your smartphone, today we are going to tell you five such measures to bail you out of this problem. You can also stop your phone from hanging or slow with these measures. 

1. Sometimes the phone's memory becomes full or is going to be full so the phone starts working slow. Apart from the phone's internal space, the phone's RAM is also responsible for the phone being slow. If your phone has low RAM, the problem of being slow can be common.

2. When we use an app, we leave it open in the background after using it. From this, the phone seems to be running quite slowly. 

3. If you have installed apps with an APK file in your smartphone, it should delete you immediately. Because this makes the phone hang as well as anyone can easily access your data from your phone, it is important to keep your phone's thinking files.

4. Antivirus apps downloaded in your phone can also cause the phone to slow down because they repeatedly scan the phone. This makes the phone's battery end quicker too.

5. If you want your phone to hang, you should delete the WhatsApp folder from your phone immediately. You should delete videos, photos, PDF, GIF, audio, contacts from WhatsApp that are not of any of your work.

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