Never Let Procastination Become Your Problem

"Time you wasted enjoying is not wasted time " Procrastination is something which is common in most of us. We all have a very hectic life and due to this where procrastination comes into action. Exhaustion, anxiety, and overburden force us to procrastinate the things which are really vital in life. Many people misunderstood procrastination and they start poaching time from their crucial moments. Spending time with ourselves is one of the most precious and crucial moments. Many times we are forced to do things that are not a vital part of our work. And when we are forced to do things we start procrastinating them, and this procrastination ends in anxiety. And this leads to the disbalancement of our own priorities and protocols. We all are surrounded by many problems and their solutions are locked by our own thoughts. 


Procrastination is something that scares us a lot at the time of the deadline. The research shows that if you want to solve your problems, then ask for help from someone inner you. Friends, family, and the people around us are the major elements of your life. We think actually overthink the things but don't act upon them reminiscently. We all know that bad deeds and expectations from wrong people can lead to great devastation within you and its scars are permanent, it will remain with us until we live and according to the law of conservation of energy, our spiritual body never dies. We all know that what is good and what is bad for us, but still we often escape the notice of it. Our body strongly resists changes whether good or bad, but we often choose badly. This is something not very common but now it's high time to bring the light of our focus towards it.


It is a myth that procrastination led to the birth of problems. The mislead in setting one priority and ambiguity in a decision led to the problems which unnecessarily disturbs our balance. So, before procrastinating anything next time just take a glance at your thoughts and priorities. Many times your feeling forces you to throw the baggage of responsibilities and just laid down. The spikes of mood swings are actually the main cause of procrastination which hinders us to step forward.



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