IDS Products: Intrusions Detection System or IDS is one such mechanism that is made to rescue you

As the technology advances towards it is prime, we are facing the challenge of securing it from being used wrong. The biggest concern today is preventing hackers from accessing the network and devices they no rights to. But it’s easier said than done especially at a time when hackers are capable of carrying out attacks with out of the box methods. To tackle such attacks, we need out of the box ideas as well.


Intrusions Detection System or IDS is one such mechanism that is made to rescue you


The basic function of an IDS is to monitor and detect a network for unauthorized changes like an increase in data traffic, policy breach, and errors. Now it is important to understand the advantages and functions of any tool, mechanism, software or hardware before your use it. In one of our previous articles about IDS we gave a full description of it and explained everything about its' requirements; why and how to use it. But after deciding to use a specific technology, clients are often confused with what product to use since most of them don’t have a clear understanding of the details. Below are some of the leading IDS products which may be helpful for such clients.


• When it comes to network and system administration tools, SolarWinds is one of the most recommended brands by experts. SolarWinds Log and Event Manager is a multitasking tool that is also capable of performing the task for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). It is specified as a Human Interface Device (HID) with the additional functionality of the Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS).


• While the SolarWinds gives a free trial for a limited period of time, Cisco Systems introduces to you a free of cost NIDS, Snort, in the form of software which is classified as a packet Sniffer system. One specialty of this software is that it is one of the tops recommended products despite the fact that free products almost useless but this is as effective as any paid product. The original design of this product belonged to source power the rights belong to them no more.


• If you wish for more control as the client, there is a product especially made for you. Open Source Security or OSSEC allows you to specify the actions and is also capable of when the network or system is triggered and the alarm is raised. The situation requires some immediate actions and this product puts you in an important role in the process.

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