Future of Wireless Technology


You must have seen children using disposable cups connected with a thread to act like they are talking on a telecommunication network. It is not just a matter of seeing these children play, we ourselves have played this game in our childhood. To be honest, this kind of plays survived only till our generation grew up as today’s kids have all the modern technology at their disposal since it has become more advanced, more common and therefore cheaper.

Now coming back to the use of disposable cups and a thread, it was not only a children’s play but the method was used by scientists of the previous centuries as a tool to develop long-distance communication technologies. Today, we can see the results everywhere. If we simply look forward, we can see that the future is wireless. To elaborate, we need to discuss the technologies that have to help us in our advancement and will be important in future given the condition they’re updated and evolved from time to time. 

Types of wireless technologies and services –

1. Wireless and mobile phones – before the invention of mobile phones in everyone’s hand, wireless phones were the latest technology used for communication and technology is only advancing. We now have wireless headphones as well as wireless chargers.

2. RFT – or radiofrequency transmission is the electromagnetic transmission through which you are able to communicate wire-free. Its’ success depends on the ability to penetrate objects and reach any distance. We should be thankful for this invention.

3. Bluetooth – one of the most famous useful tool in a mobile, we all know how much easier life was made when we got to know we can share files and data using this over mobile phones without the hassle of wires.

4. Wi-Fi – who doesn’t love Wi-Fi? And especially if it’s free. We bear immense love and respect for anyone who let's use their Wi-Fi for free. Your beloved Wi-Fi was invented in 1997 and have been using radio waves to serve you since.

5. Infrared – just like Bluetooth in mobile phones, this technology has made life easier since Its' invention in 1950. It is used in the remote control to operate television and was called Lazy Bones for a reason. The connectivity between the remote control and television has been given a new high with the upgrading technologies over the years.

6. Microwave – the first that comes to mind after hearing this word is a cubic box sitting in a corner of your kitchen. But it’s more than that. Microwave is a link in a communication system which transmits radio waves through the earth's atmosphere.

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