Even you are suffering from Tech Phobias ? Just check the list and know your phobia


When we hear word Phobia suddenly a thought pops into the mind is fear, the fear may be of anything but mostly many people have a fear of height, spider, lizard, water, etc but now the research says that there may be even a phobia of computer and phones which comes under tech phobia. Some individuals are fearful of technology or of particular gadgets for various reasons and try to run away from it. There are many types in Tech Phobia.


Tech Phobia's can be any of them..


1) Technophobia  - Fear of Technology

People who feel uncomfortable about the advanced technology and thinks about the effects of technology

2) Nomophobia - Fear of being without a Mobile

This fear exists when your mobile is not with you are you are constantly thinking about it generating a panic feeling within us.

3) Cyberphobia - Fear of Computers

It is similar to the fear of technology and have an irrational fear of how to handle or work on computer/laptop even after knowing much about it.

4) Telephonophobia - Fear of  Telephones

Fear of receiving or answering the call, it is similar to the fear of public speaking. The ring of the phone can bring you in tension.

5) Selfiephobia - Fear of taking a Photograph of Oneself


This phobia is most commonly found in many people has selfies has become widely used. Some people have the fear of not looking great in selfies and think they are not photogenic.

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