4 Tips to Beat The Summer of 2019


4 Tips to Beat The Summer of 2019

Coconut water - is a 'not so expensive' natural drink which is always better than aerated drinks. It has several nutrients, antioxidant elements, benefits against diabetes, reduce blood pressure, support heart health, prevent kidney stones and is low in calories. This refreshing drink will keep your body cool and healthy.

Watermelon- has 91.45g water content and is natural diuretic helps in eliminating excess fluids. One watermelon contains 16% of vitamin C which is the daily requirement of a human body and improves immunity. It is good in increasing resistance power for athletic routines. Eat watermelon in solid form to gain the benifits of fiber and avoid drinking it as fruit juice with added sugar which will reduce its value.

Leafy vegetables- like spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, protects us against the heat of the sun, reduce inflammation and detoxify our body, improves digestion and weak eye-sight, helps in weight loss and improves skin texture and increases our energy and life span. Have these vegetables in the form of salad to enjoy their nutrients properly.

Cotton- wearing light cotton clothes in summer is best way to protect us from sun, it absorbs moisture. It is a natural and durable fabric. Cotton rarely causes allergy and is comfortable to wear due to its softness.

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