6 Workshop topics for teachers within the school premises


Workshops in schools have a significant impact in school as it rightly helps not only the teachers but also the students. Such series of workshop will help the teachers to refresh enliven and inspire their teaching practice. The wholesome participation will show various techniques that will in the long run help them improve the quality of their teaching.


Below we will discuss few of the topics for workshop that are rejuvenating and educative within the school premises.


  • Root training and the real lessons- It is highly engaging and informative when the teachers and students interact informally. Root training may refer to as the real time interactions between the teachers and students irrespective of the academics. Hands on classroom practices, peer- led conversations along with career imaginations are some of the examples within the module of root training. Such training workshops are necessary for teachers to observe students and for students to indulge in activity participation.


  • Track the success of the sessions- Most of the time the teachers are tied up with so many works that, it becomes difficult to give individual attention to students. Professional development suffers because of it. Therefore, it is very much essential for the schools to have professional development workshop as it plays a crucial role in teachers and students development.


  • Allocate adequate time – Workshop on mental calmness and psychological capabilities is very important to the students who struggle to cop up in their studies. Such series help in paving direction towards concentrated effort. The art of balancing different priorities is very much essential for the students while shaping their career. Therefore, workshop on how to overcome peer pressure, depression and anxiety is necessary not only for the students but also for the teachers.


  • Mind frames workshops – For a child to have success in life, both physical as well as mental frame of mind need to be addressed. These are actually the interrelated elements that influence the child’s overall progress. With the help of mind frames workshop students can be divided into a group of 5 to 6 participants. Here they are given a piece of thing randomly and are allowed to imagine anything that comes to their mind. Such series of workshop accompanied by audio visual aids will provide interpersonal focus along with multi – sense modalities to help in enriching the child’s learning experience.


  • Custom based workshop- Custom based workshop are those that are specifically customized according to the needs of the children of different age groups. The necessities of each child varies according to their age. Custom based workshop includes multiple intelligence building, experiential learning, interaction by professionals, enhancing sensibilities etc.


  •  Parent education workshop- It is very much important for the absolute empowerment of the children to engage their parents into the learning process. Workshop on parenting education provides necessary insights on how can a parent provide helping hand to their child. It is essential for the parents to be hopeful for their child in every possible situation. Children need their parents love and affection. They are in need of every bit of parental guidance at each stages of their development. So it is advisable for the schools to conduct parent education workshop to make the parents aware of every possible decision they take or how to respond to such situations.  


  • Workshop on physical assault- It has reported by WHO in 2017, that 5 out of 10 students are physically abuse within the school premises. Out of which 60 % of them are unaware of bad and the good touch. The intensity of the situation is such minor are being raped in schools taking advantage of their mental status. Children are naïve when it comes to sexual abuse. They aren’t in the best of their position to judge what is wrong and what is right. Conducting workshops in the school with the help of a professional psychologist, the children can be made aware of such misbehavior and atrocities. This in the long run can help the children to respond instantly to any negative or forceful behavior around.

Shaping the minds of the young children is a challenging task but with concentrated effort anything difficult can be overcome.

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