Apps Over Websites

Apps and websites-

Mobile has taken place in everyone's heart. Without it, we are considered nothing. Similarly, people in the field of business have also realized its importance. They have started working on apps and websites to make them grow further.

In comparison to websites, apps are more flexible to use. Earlier it used to be only websites through which we do any task, but now apps have become more popular. Apps get updated daily with new features. 


Reasons for using apps over websites?

  • Use of mobile features-

Apps can access the features of our mobile phones. For example, to upload a photograph on our social media handle, we open the camera app and either click a recent picture or select one from the gallery. Similarly, there are various uses of mobile features.

  • Faster-

Apps load way faster than websites. They store the cached data in the mobile phone and reloads when connected over the internet. 

  • Easier-

One can easily open any of the apps by just one click after downloading. It takes permission to access the details of the owner. Only if the user is happy with it, they may proceed.

  • Offline working-

Apps can work offline too, but the websites need an internet connection. For example- a game app, once downloaded, can be played without an internet connection.

  • Safe to use-

Apps are safe to use as they do not steal information, whereas the website keeps a record of our IP addresses.


Both apps and websites have their features, but apps are more popular among users. According to research, 85% of users preferred using the app. We have to say everything can be done just on one fingertip. Apps keep on updating with new features. Any bug found is removed as soon as possible. They try to give the best user experience.




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