'Agricopter' to eliminate manual spraying of pesticides developed by IIT Madras students


Many of us know  Helicopter but do you know Agricopter? The answer would be no because IIT Madras students have designed a  drone for spraying pesticides on crops and this is will mainly eliminate the manual spraying of pesticides in agricultural farms. This device will not only help in spraying the pesticides but it can also access the crop health by using multi-spectral imaging camera. This drone will spray pesticides 10 times faster as compared to manual spraying with the same cost, no extra money. As agriculture is the backbone of our country if this drone implemented will be very helpful for the hardworking farmers.


The Project Smart Agricopter drone is capable of carrying 15 liters of pesticides at a time and mainly aims to spray 10 times faster than manual spraying, said Kavi Kailash another aerospace engineering student. This product won the Indian Innovation Growth Programme University Challenge held at IIT Bombay last month where the team has got Rs 10 lakh worth equity-less funding.


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