Neymar lashes out at a fan while collecting French Cup runners-up medal

a day after being awarded with a 3 match champion league ban neymar again lashes out on a fan. the brazilian footballer was recorded by a fan lashing out on the finals of the french cup where the lost the match

football being  an emotional game not only for fans but also for the payers because they give there best every single time. soo sometimes they just  get frustated and that  is taken out on fans. the incident happened when neymar played full 90 minutes match plus extra time. but they still ened on the losing side. he used his right hand to push a fan’s phone away while going to collect his loser’s medal. He then exchanged some words with the man before attempting to catch his chin. The fan also posted the video from the very phone Neymar tried to push away. He captioned it with a European slang for a punch, saying, “Neymar who gave me a potato.”

neymar later realised and accepted that he did not behaved appropiately and added that no one can remain indifferent.

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