Kick Boxing, The Art of Fighting

Kickboxing is one of the stand-up combat sports based on kicks & punches.It is basically practiced for self-defence, general fitness & sports.This sport is very famous for the technics used during a battle. Kickboxing was first originated in Japan, 1950. In 1974, professionally kickboxing became a highlighted sport in America. Its a type of Hybrid martial arts with various combinations of elements from traditional styles. 


There's various battleship going over like World association for Kickboxing organizations, World kickboxing associations, International kickboxing Association  International kickboxing federation, World kickboxing federation etc. 


There're numerous terminologies of kickboxing. These're meant for Broad sense & narrow sense.


1. In case of broad sense, it includes all stand-up combat sports that allow kicks & punches like muay Thai, sanda etc.

2. In narrow sense, it has some sorts of spin-off styles or rules such as shoot boxing which are kept under inspection.


Techniques used in Kickboxing-


1. PUNCH- Jab (straight punch from front hand), Cross (straight punch from backhand), Hook (rounded punch to either the head or body), Uppercut(rising punch sticking to chin), Flying punch (struck usually from the rear hand, the technique can be done in form of superman punch) & others also.

2.  KICK- Front kick(Striking face or chest on with the balls of foot), Sidekick (striking with the heel of legs), Roundhouse kick( striking with the front of foot to the head), Cresent kick ( striking directly to obliques) etc 

3. Also it includes Knee & elbow strikes, Bob, weave etc.


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