James Faulkner denies reports he’s gay, Cricket Australia apologises for any ‘unintended offence’


Australian cricketer James Faulkner has denied widespread reports that suggested he was coming out on his 29th birthday. In a social media post, the Aussie cricketer appeared to be coming out publicly for the first time with a picture of himself with boyfriend (later edited to best friend) and mother. Cricket Australia has apologised for the ‘unintended offence’ this may have caused

James Faulkner denies reports he’s gay

the original post saw him sitting in a restaurant with his mother and his friend robb jubb. it was thought that he was his boyfriend from last 5 years. but later he clarified that he is not gay and he has been with him as house mate from last five years. he wrote that it seemed to be  a misunderstanding and he is not gay. nut he was happy to see the support from the lgbt community. later clarifying this misunderstandings CA officials apologies to james faulkner and said they should not take this as offence.

“James and CA are supportive of the LGBQTI community and recognises coming out can be an incredibly emotional time. The post was not in any way meant to make light of this and, though the support from the community was overwhelming and positive. Cricket Australia apologises for any unintended offence.”

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