Inter Milan forward Lukaku says we are going backwards on the growing issue of racism

The Belgium international and Inter Milan forward Romelu Lukaku says FA should follow the same after saying Serie A is condemning the actions of racism and taking the appropriate actions.


The ex-Manchester United forward during Intern’s 2-1 win over Cagliari was subject to monkey chants from the crowd in the past month.


"He has then responded with a fitting reply on Instagram calling for action with the caption,” 'instead of going forwards, we're going backwards'


The English premier league also had been the subject of racism from the crowd with specifically Marcus Rashford and Tammy Abraham suffering online after their failed penalty conversions. Lukaku after free goal-scoring Belgium 4-0 win over Scotland on Monday, he again is emphasizing his call for FA to take action against the racism.


"What I said was short but powerful, everybody understood," said Lukaku. "Now I think Serie A is taking action, I'm hoping UEFA and FIFA is going to be next, and also the FA because a lot of my friends, they play in the Premier League.

"They have been going through it as well on social media. It's something that needs to happen as well in the UK, but for me right now I just want to focus on my performances."

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