'Chhodna nha: Gundappa Viswanath remembers his good working relationship with Yashpal Sharma


Yashpal Sharma and Gundappa Viswanath put together 316 good relationships and beat all day in the Fifth Test between India and England at Chepauk in 1982.

Yashpal Sharma's best performance came in 1982 at the Chennai Test when he scored 140 in 316th place with Gundappa Viswanath playing for England.
Former Indian cricketer Gundappa Viswanath remembers his colleague Yashpal Sharma as a 'perfect cricket player.' They had been wrestling all day against England in the Chennai Test in 1982 and were looking for a huge 316 run. While Viswanath scored 222, Sharma recorded his best points in Test cricket by hitting his way to 140.
Sharma, who turned 67 next month, died on Tuesday from a heart attack. He represented India in 37 tests and 42 ODIs.
He is best known for his magnum opus with Viswanath in the Madras (now Chennai) trial, as they were the only three Indian men to stay out of the game all day.

"Playing all day in Test cricket is a unique achievement, and not many people have done it. We both played all day were unforgettable. He was a very good, hard-working, team-playing cricket player, and I would say the whole cricket team," said Viswanath.
The Chennai Test, which started on January 13, 1982, observed India in problem at first.
"The stadium was calm, and we lost Sunil Gavaskar and Pranab Roy this morning. Dilip Vengsarkar was beaten by Bob Willis' bodyguard and injured in retirement," Viswanath recalled.
India was 150/2, but three of their drivers were back in the tent.
"That's when Yashpal came in. At first, we talked to each other and decided to take a cautious approach and tried to be in the middle."
While Vishwanath and his touch strokeplay scored 222 in 374 increments, Sharma knocked and determined as he scored 140 out of 298 balls and spent more than 490 minutes in the crease. The whole affair lasted fifteen hours, and that too happened during a bowling attack in England involving Willis, Ian Botham, and Derek Underwood.
"He played well, and it was an interesting inning. He kept encouraging me by saying," Vishy Bhai, chhodna NHI, hum dono Aaj khelenge (don't give up, we will both continue to play). Towards the end of the day, he kept telling me to play long innings and encouraged me, "Ab Pura din khelenge (we'll play all day)."
"So that was on my mind. We both dug deep and remained unscathed."
Today Sharma's death has angered Vishwanath.
"The news shocked me. I have never heard from anyone that he is not well. So I still do not believe that he is no more. I sympathize with his family and hope that they will be able to endure this pain," he signed.
Sharma played 160 first-class games and scored 8933 points over 1859 runs in List A cricket. He also served as a national voter from 2004 to 2005 and later from 2008 to 2011.

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