Dominic Thiem Booted out of the Press Conference much to the ill-mannered behavior of Serena Williams

Only to accommodate Serena Williams, Roland Garros organizers dismissed Dominic Thiem out of his own press conference.


Dominic Thiem waved a series of comments on Serena Williams for an ill-mannered behavior resulting in a bizarre row booting him out of his press conference. Austria’s Dominic Thiem, the 4th seed in the men’s standings and also the 2018 runner-up was as usual conducting his post-match press obligations after breaking into the last 16 on Saturday. Then out of the blue comes this that he need to vacant this interview room as apparently the interview room was needed by the Serena Williams who had just lost Sofia Kenin in the third round.


This was Serena’s first earlier exist at a Slam in a say five years and she wants to distant as quick as she can from the tournament.


On Sunday, Dominic said Eurosport German that “its just the principle. All payers have to wait even it is a junior is in there”.


Dominic also added, “It shows a bad tantrum. I am 100% sure Roger or Nadal would have not done this or anything similar like that.


It was not clear who had moved Thiem in middle of the conference whether the officials or Serena.


The 25 year old said apoplectically, It’s a joke” to the officials after being told have to finish his conference in a small room.


“I have to leave just because Serena is coming. Well what the hell, that’s not my problem. I can do whatever I want”.


On the along, Roger Federer comes to the defense of Thiem saying him a male superstar.


Roger Federer said in an interview after knocking past Leonardo Mayer On Sunday, “I think one who is still in the game should get priority.


“There must been a confusion or maybe the officials should have kept Serena in the locker room, not in the press center”.


Roger said, “I don’t know what takes place & conspire this. But can understand where Dominic frustration is coming from. I don’t think he is angry at Serena or anybody but it was just an unlucky situation.


French sports daily L’Equipe said that Serena Williams had no preference over where she conducted her post match conference. 


"Put me in another room, a smaller one, but now," she was reported to have said.


With Serena Williams’s reportedly increasing restlessness moved officials to boot Thiem out of his own press conference.


"That's really impolite," she was heard to say.


On this matter, a lot of backlash has been going on over the social media.


Former Australian Player Sam Groth tweeted on twitter, “Wait your turn for the press room like everyone else”.



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