Unleashing The Secrets To Master An Art Of Selling: Part III


Ironically, knowing about your buyers' type alone is not going to help you regarding mastering an art of selling. An effective salesperson strives to learn or create such kind of tailor-made strategies to deal with diverse buyers personalities. Once you have gained awareness regarding your buyer personality type, you need to chart out a customized sales strategy. For that, you simply need to step into their shoes and be a driver. When dealing with an amiable category of buyers, you need to be amiable. While dealing with the expressive category of buyers, you need to be expressive. When dealing with analytical category, you need to turn yourself into a salesperson equipped with a brilliant analytical mind. Let’s explore the set of strategies to suit each buyer personality type:-



Analytical Buyer Sales Strategies

•    Avoid being pushy.

•    Take your own time.

•   Emphasize on action more than your words.

•    Provide details.

•    Do not overstate but rather be specific.

•    Ask `why?' questions.


Amiable Buyer Sales Strategies

•    Be friendly.

•    Seek familiar ground.

•    Learn about their interests.

•    Show patience.

•    Provide personal assurance.

•    Take your time to be agreeable.

•    Emphasize on `how'.

•    Exhibit low-risk solutions.


Expressive Buyer Sales Strategies

•    Ask open-ended questions.

•    Maintain the pace as they get bored easily.

•    Keep summarizing.

•    Try crisp and fast-paced experience stories.

•    Get a commitment immediately.


Driver Buyer Sales Strategies

•    Be assertive.

•    Make excellent use of eye contact.

•    Discuss actions and results.

•    Be fact-oriented.

•    Get straight to the point fast.

•    Tell the buyer about what’s in it for him up front.

•    Learn to say no (Situational based).


To conclude, People buy differently, so it is imperative for a salesperson to learn to sell differently.


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